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Nottingham Academy

A Level Art


Course  A Level Art  (AQA)
Course Length  2 years 
Entry Requirements   5 or more GCSE grades 9 to 4 Including grade 4 in English and grade 4 or above in GCSE Art or Photography.                           
Who will this course interest?

Art is a challenging but enjoyable subject that helps you develop key skills in independent learning, problem-solving and critical understanding. You will be introduced to a variety of experiences and will explore a range of Fine Art media and processes. Art is a very practical and creative subject that offers an alternative way of working, art can provide you with a wider awareness of social and cultural context. You will be encouraged and to make independent use of the art workrooms and to visit art exhibitions.

Course Overview

Year 1:

Component 1 - Portfolio:           

You will produce practical and critical/contextual work in one or more areas, including: painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, installation, printmaking, photography (digital). Work is presented in the form of sketch books or study sheets.

Component 2 - Externally set assignment:

AQA provides a question paper with 5 starting points from which one is selected. Following a period of preparatory work there are 10 hours of unaided supervised time.

Year 2:

Component 1: Personal investigation:

You will undertake a personal investigation that includes written material as well as producing practical and critical/contextual work in one or more areas.

Component 2: Externally set assignment:

AQA provide a question paper with 8 starting points from which one is selected. Following a period of preparatory work there are 15 hours of unaided supervised time.

Assessment Structure

60% Component 1 (project chosen by the student), 40% Component 2 (list of exams questions), 12 week project/15 hour exam. 

This is a broad-based course exploring practical, critical, and contextual work through a range of 2D and/or 3D processes and media. 

What could this course lead to?

The course is designed as a stepping stone to the many courses and careers that are available in the Art and Design industry.

  • Foundation course (one year duration).
  • Degree course in chosen area of study e.g. graphic design, textile design, web/ game design, fashion design, architecture.

The Creative industry is the fastest growing sector! There are currently over 3 million creative jobs in the UK.

Creative industries is worth £111 billion pounds a year. UK creative industries employment is growing at four times the rate of the UK workforce as a whole.