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Nottingham Academy

A Level History


Qualification: A level AQA 

Course length: 2 years

Entry requirements: 5 or more GCSE grades 9 to 4, including grade 5 or above in English and History.

If you have enjoyed history at GCSE, then A Level history is the natural next step for you. You will learn about significant events from the past and understand how they have helped shape the world we live in. History A-Level will inspire your curiosity to know more about the past. It will enable you to understand important historical concepts and allow you to make your own judgments about the past. A-Level history teaches you about the experiences of others from different times and places, the process of change over time, and the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups of people. Through the study of history, you will gain a better understanding of your own identity and the world we live in today.

History is one of the most fascinating subjects you could hope to study and a popular choice at the Nottingham Academy Sixth Form.

Year 12 

At A Level, part of your studies will focus on 20th Century American history. To begin with, you will study the struggle for Civil Rights, liberty and equality for Black Americans. You will assess the importance of individuals (such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King) and the US government in pushing for reform. Then, the focus shifts to South-East Asia as you will understand the reasons behind the USA’s involvement in the Korean War and the War in Vietnam, two conflicts that shaped the world we live in today. These two courses will form the basis of the first of your two A Level examinations. Furthermore, you will also study the changes in 19th century British Democracy, focusing on the struggle of the working classes and the suffragettes for the right to vote. Your second examination will be on this course.
Year 13
In Year 13 A Level history you will have the opportunity to study two areas of history. The first is an examined unit focusing on German history from its formation as a nation state in the nineteenth century, through to the chaos and destruction of the Third Reich. This will allow you to gain a greater and more sophisticated understanding of an area of history that many are familiar with from both Key Stage 3 and GCSE. The second is a coursework unit which is based on one hundred years of Russian history covering the Tsarist regime, the revolution of 1917 and life under Soviet control. This unit is not just an opportunity to study this fascinating and extremely relevant period of history; it is also a chance to analyse the whole concept of historical causation. Is history the product of great individuals or are events shaped by powerful and impersonal influences beyond one individual’s control?