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Nottingham Academy

A Level Religious Studies

Religious Studies 

Qualification: A Level 

Course length: 2 years

Entry requirements: 5 or more GCSE grades 9 to 4, including a grade 5 or above in English.

Religious Studies is an inclusive subject, designed for people of any faith and people who have no faith. It is an interesting and wide-ranging subject that offers students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of world religions and issues that are relevant to learners in the 21st century, in relation to beliefs, values, and morality. It will help you to develop a range of transferable and valuable skills, including critical thinking and reasoning. It shows universities and employers that you understand the world, life, and people around you. It provides excellent preparation for living in a multifaith and multicultural world.

Why choose Religious Studies? 

Religion has been a fundamental part of life. As people look into the vastness of space or witness the miracle of birth, they contemplate the meaning of life and their own mortality.

Religious Studies is designed for people of any faith... and people who have no faith. You don’t need GCSE Religious Studies, just a desire to find out more about religion and its role in society.

The Course 

The course will cover 4 units, you choose 3. 

Unit 1: Philosophy if Religion 

This covers the Design argument, Cosmological argument, Ontological argument, Religious Experience, and The Problem of Evil and Suffering. 

Area 2: Ethics

Ethical theories, equality, environmental ethics, sexual ethics and medical ethics. 

Area 3: Islam 

This covers an in depth study of Islam. 

  • Pre- Islamic Arabia
  • Life of Muhammad (pbuh)
  • 6 Beliefs / 5 pillars
  • How the Qur'an was formed / wrtitten
  • Period of the Rightly Guided Caliphs
  • Sunnin and Shi'a Islam 
  • Jihad

Area 4: New Testament Studies 

This covers: 

  • Social, Historical, and Religious context of the Life of Jesus. 
  • Interpreting the text and issues of relationship. 

How will I be assessed? 

End of year 2 you will be examined in 3 papers 

  1. Philosophy: 2 hours
  2. Ethics: 2 hours 
  3. Islam: 2 hours 
  4. New Testament: 2 hours 

What careers can Religious Studies lead to? 

•Social work
•Business and Management
•Police Force/Armed Forces
•…and many more