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Nottingham Academy

September Operating Procedures

Essential information for parents and pupils for the return to the Academy in September

This article includes a great deal of necessary information for the Academy community to understand and comply with in order for us all to have a smooth and safe start to the new Academy year. This will require a huge joint effort on all our parts each of us following the new processes and guidance so that we can deliver as full an education offer as possible but in the safest possible way. This has been sent to parents by text, email and by mail for parents who have not provided an email. 

Revised Operating Procedure (ROP) and associated Risk Assessments (RAs)

The ROP and RAs have been re-written and will be available to view at the bottom of this page. These documents provide detail about how Nottingham Academy will be a COVID-secure Academy under the new government guidance.

Staggered Return Dates

Please see the schedule for the first days back at the Academy below. Year group returns have been staggered to allow students the opportunity to get used to the new way the site will be operating. This is in line with government guidance and to ensure the safety of students, their families and academy staff.


Who’s returning on that day?

Monday 31st August

Bank Holiday- Academy closed

Tuesday 1st September

Staff Training - no students

Wednesday 2nd September

Staff Training - no students

Thursday 3rd September

Y7 students return

Y11 students return

Friday 4th September

Y9 students return

Y12 student enrolment day

Monday 7th September

Y8 students return

Y10 students return

Tuesday 8th September

Y13 students return

Wednesday 9th September

Y12 students return


Students will be inducted into the new routines, including lining up and being collected by tutors from their allocated outdoor zones, learning about the new guidance to keep safe and prevent the risk of COVID spreading whilst at the Academy and understanding the Academy’s expectations around attendance, uniform and behaviour, which are especially important at this time.

Academy Zoning and Year Group Bubbles

Following government guidance, the Academy has been zoned so that students are taught in their year groups in the same part of the Academy to reduce movement across ‘bubbles’ of students. As you can see below, each year group ‘bubble’ has been allocated its own area of the Academy, its own entrance/exit, and its own start and finish times.

When students arrive back, staff will walk them through the new routines, which include walking at 1 metre distance from each other to their year group lining up area. The tutor will then collect their tutor group and bring them into their classroom. This will be the ‘new norm’ and will form part of our start to the day morning routines.

As per government guidance, we are not able to have students seated at 1 metre distance in classrooms, but students will be kept in year group bubbles. Where students move between classes in their bubble, to lunch to collect food or to go outside then 1m distancing is required.

Campus 2 Sneinton Boulevard (Y7/8)

Y7 students will be based across the smaller separate buildings closer to the Primary Academy. They will enter the site from Sneinton Boulevard at 8.45am. They will line up in forms in the dome area. Y7 will depart from Sneinton Boulevard at 2.40pm

Y8 students will be based in the main academy building on B, C and D floor. They will enter the site down the drive from Greenwood Road at 8.50am. They will line up in forms on the top yard. Y8 will depart via the drive and up Greenwood Road at 2.45pm

Campus 1 Greenwood Road (Y9/10/11/Sixth form)

Y9 students will be based on the humanities and languages corridors.They will enter the site through the gates on Greenwood Road at 8.35am. They will line up in forms on the yard. Y9 will depart from Greenwood Road at 2.40pm

Y10 students will be based on the English corridor. They will enter the site through the gates on Ripon Road at 8.20am. They will line up in forms on the MUGA. Y10 will depart from Ripon Road at 2.40pm

Y11 students will be based on the maths corridor and the end of the science corridor. They will enter the site through the gates on Greenwood Road at 8.20am. They will line up in forms on the yard. Y11 will depart from Greenwood Road at 2.50pm

Sixth form students will be based in the sixth form centre. They will enter the site through the gates nearest to Wildcats Arena on Greenwood Road at 8.40 to 8.50am. They will go directly in to the Sixth Form Centre through the Sixth Form entrance to sign in. They will depart from the same gate at 2.50pm

No students should be entering site outside of their allotted times to ensure the bubbles are kept apart.

There will be no breakfast served before the Academy day starts during phase 1 of re-opening. This also applies to extra-curricular activities after school for the first few weeks.

It will still be possible to drop your children off outside or near the Academy, but we would ask you to stick as close as you can to the staggered drop off times as detailed above and by the correct gate. This is so that we can safely move students into their year group bubbles at 1m distance.


Students should be encouraged to walk to school when possible. Any students who do take public transport must, as per government guidance, wear a mask. When students arrive at the Academy, they must place their mask in a plastic Ziplock style bag which they can either bring from home or collect from the Academy. 


It is expected that all students attend the Academy in full uniform as per government guidance. We will be providing all students with a coloured lanyard that they will always need to wear. This will support us to identify which year group, and therefore bubble, students are part of.

PE and Dance

Government guidance has stated that we cannot use changing rooms yet and therefore there are no facilities for students to change safely between normal school uniform and PE kit. As a result, we would like students to attend the Academy in their appropriate PE kit on days where this is on their timetable. The PE team have worked hard on adapting their curriculum to meet government guidance and recognise students will be wearing their kit all day so have planned activities accordingly.

Students in Y7 and Y8 will also need to attend in PE kit if they have dance on their timetable.  Dance will be delivered, either on the yard or in the gym depending upon the weather.

May we remind parents and pupils that plain black leggings / tracksuit bottoms may be worn with PE kit.


There will be NO cash at all allowed on the Academy premises from September. A new online card payment system is being implemented ready for September. All payments to student’s online accounts must be made online prior to students coming into the Academy. A letter about how to register for this and top up will be sent out to you in due course.

There will be no food or drink available to purchase at break times in September. This will be reviewed as the canteen team develop new systems and ways of working.

Water fountains will be out of use so students should bring a full water bottle.

The counters and tables in the dining halls and any outside benching will be cleaned down between each year group bubble to avoid any potential contamination. We have opted to provide hot and cold food, though initially the hot food choice will not be as extensive as previous terms.

Behaviour Expectations including Punctuality and Attendance

The latest government guidance insists that all students should be back in the Academy from September. Whilst we acknowledge there are still anxieties, we have done all we can to mitigate the risks of COVID, although we cannot guarantee that any student will come into contact with the virus whilst on site, we have clear protocols for dealing with any confirmed cases of COVID in order to stop the spread.

It is therefore expected that all students will attend the Academy in September punctually at the staggered start times provided. Students who arrive late will receive an appropriate sanction but will be allowed on to site. The initial plans for students who may arrive late are below:

  • At GC2 Sneinton Boulevard: If Y7 or Y8 students arrive after their expected arrival time but before 9.10am they should report to the dome area ensuring they remain a 2m distance away from any other students. If they arrive after 9.10am they will require access to the site from the Primary Reception from Sneinton Boulevard.
  • At GC1 Greenwood Road: If Y9, Y10 or Y11 students arrive after their expected arrival time but before 9.00am they should report to the yard area ensuring they remain a 2m distance away from any other students. If they arrive after 9.00am they will require access to the site from the Secondary Reception. Sixth form students arriving late should access the sixth form centre through its usual entrance and sign in.

Our insistence on impeccable behaviour will be further strengthened in September given the COVID context we are all now working in. Behaviour management systems are being adapted to support students in meeting these. These will be communicated with you in due course.

Equipment/Items needed

Please speak with your Deputy Head of Year if you have a problem with any item on this list.

  • Own water bottles (no water fountains available for use)
  • Ziplock bag for mask if required
  • Calculator
  • Pencil Case
  • 2 x Black pens (you cannot share equipment so make sure you have spares)
  • Pencil
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Rubber
  • Ruler
  • Raincoat/Waterproof jacket if possible – there will be lots of lining up outside

As per the government and Trust guidance, students do not need to wear masks. If you have any concerns about the wearing of masks and believe that due to a serious medical condition your child should wear one, please contact the relevant year team to discuss the need for a risk assessment. Otherwise, students will need to remove any face masks worn when they come on to the Academy site.

Changes in Information

Please ensure if there have been any changes to your contact information, change of address, email address, phone number etc. or if there is new information pertaining to your child’s medical situation, please get in touch via the enquiries email Please also ensure to advise the Academy should your child have changes in mobility which would require a Personal Evacuation Plan, such as an ankle injury etc.

I appreciate there is a lot of information contained in this briefing letter but it is all essential for a smooth start to the new school year. If you have any questions, please contact the school via the following email address:

Finally, thank you all for being so supportive of the Academy, especially these past few months. We are thrilled to be seeing our students again in September in the meantime, on behalf of the entire Academy, we would like you to wish you all a very safe and enjoyable summer holiday.

Mr Matt King

Interim Principal

Safeguarding Advice for Summer Holidays

We are aware that whilst students are not attending the Academy this may mean that they can feel alone and have nobody to talk too. This isn’t the case and whilst the Academy is closed over the holidays, there are several recommended support services that you and your child can access below.

Should you need to speak with someone from Nottingham Academy please contact  or alternatively contact the office line on 0115748 3380 to leave a message to be passed on to the relevant member of staff.

CAMHS SHARP (Self Harm support)

Tel: 0115 876 4000

Childline (To report if a child is in danger)

Tel: 0800 1111

Children and Families Direct (To report if a child is in danger)

Tel: 0115 876 4800

Kooth (Online Counselling service)


Shout (Text message Counselling service)

Tel: 85258


School Health (General Physical Health, Sexual health advice)

Tel: 0115 883 970

Nottingham Academy Senior Deputy Principal and DSL:

Mr Ahmed Hashim

Senior Deputy Principal