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Nottingham Academy

Art KS3

As part of our improved transition between Primary and Secondary we have developed a new and innovative KS3 experience tailored to the needs of our pupils.

Pupils study english, mathematics and modern foreign languages as well as the new cross-curricular subject areas of discover, create and perform. The new subject areas provide pupils with the opportunity to explore subjects in a deeper more coherent way, by grouping similar subjects.

Create - Art 

In Create the pupils are working on and developing some of the basic skills with in English. Writing paragraphs, spelling, descriptive words.

They learn this through analysing artists, using art language and analysing their own work to a specific criteria.

All the artwork they produce will be linked to a theme, currently survival, and will be revolving around a book they are reading in their English lessons. This helps during the lesson as they might learn one thing in one lesson which may help them in the next.