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Nottingham Academy

Boredom-Busting Activities

We hope all of our pupils will be working through their workbooks whilst you are off school but when you need a break have a look through this list Mrs Baouane has curated for you! 

Boredom-busting activities to do at home

  1. Keep a journal. Each day spend 6 minutes writing a response to the following points:
    1. I’m grateful for… (make 3 points)
    2. This is how I’ll make today great…
    3. My good deed today…
    4. How I’ll improve…
    5.  Great things I experienced today… (make 3 points)
  2. Stay fit. Joe Wicks 7 days of sweat. Hit link:
  3. Photography challenge. Document your time in self isolation in photographs (your mood, what you did, how you felt).
  4. Cookery challenge. Look in the cupboards. What do you have? Can you come up with a meal idea from it? Get your adult to help you.  Extra marks for putting together a totally original/mad/weird recipe.
  5. Learn a skill from the internet (for example, learn to juggle/ play the guitar/ learn a dance. Hit the link:
  6. Learn a magic trick from the internet.
  7. Learn a dance step (for example “How to moonwalk”). Hit the link:
  8. Pick a type of food that you like and grow it. Get the seeds from the fruit or veg and actually grow your food in a pot.  Great way to get some fresh air.
  9. Make an origami crane (hit the link:
  10. Learn some basic sign language (hit the link:
  11. Learn some new words in a foreign language
  12. Read a book that you haven’t read before. Challenge yourself!
  13. Pick a household chore and take it over (want to know how to iron? Hit the link:
  14. Learn how to recycle (Visit “Terracycle”. Hit the link:
  15. Calculate the value of pi (3.14) to as many decimal points as you can (it goes on forever!)
  16. Go on line and find a World Record that you can try and break at home (hit the link:…/try-this-at-home/)

Use your time at home to learn everything you’ve always wanted to: Free Online Courses, Audio Books, eBooks, movies as well as your school work!

Ms Lockwood's KS3 General Knowledge Quiz

Time to complete task - Up to 10 minutes

  • How to get on:
    • Go to then choose Student Log In
    • Enter the room name: ODHKANDT
    • Type in your name and off you go!