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Nottingham Academy

Year 10 Support

Independent Learning

It is our intention that in year 10 we encourage our students to go ‘above and beyond’ to exceed their own expectations and the expectations of others. We encourage independence and consistency in our approach to learning, with the hope that students achieve consistent results they can be proud of.

Consequently, as a school we are looking to promote and develop the skills needed to become a successful independent learner. Evidence suggests that independent learning has many benefits, including improved academic performance, enhanced confidence and increased self motivation. These are all highly desirable characteristics for further education and employers alike.  

It is crucial that students have the opportunities to learn and develop their knowledge at their own pace and it is our job to provide them with the foundations to do so. It is with this in mind that we have created a booklet to empower parents and students by providing the resources and opportunities to test their own learning outside the classroom. This in turn will help them to develop a true understanding of their subjects. 

A revision timetable for year 10 students is provided below.