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Nottingham Academy

Performing Arts


Drama, like all the arts, is an active, reflective process by which people understand who they are and who they might become. In Drama we create fictional worlds to better understand our own real worlds.  Pupils will develop literacy skills, learning to write and read drama and explore ways of communicating and interpreting situations in a safe environment for all. We see it as our duty to develop pupils’ social and communicative skills to enable them to succeed in the future.

Key Stage 3 (Foundation tier only)

Many elements of PHSE are explored through our KS3 drama curriculum. We see it as our duty to develop students’ social and communicative skills to enable them to succeed in the future. Pupils will be assessed on their ability to work successfully as a group and their performance skills. They are expected to self-evaluate in their progress book and set targets to improve. 

Key Stage 4

GCSE Drama is an option at KS4. The course is 60% practical and 40% written paper. Pupils are expected to rehearse and perform a range of drama styles, see live performance and understand the theatre. This course will develop their confidence, team work, commitment and social skills. This is a popular option at the Nottingham Academy with 100% pass rate.

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Key Stage 5

A Level Drama and Theatre Studies is an option at KS5. Drama and Theatre Studies is a practical, intellectual and artistic subject. You will be expected to explore the structural elements of theatre from the page to the stage. In order to be successful and enjoy this subject, you will need to have a keen interest in performing, the history of drama and study the practitioners, theatrical forms and conventions that make theatre such a compelling and exciting subject. You must be able to analyse and critically deconstruct the work you study, create and witness. It is encouraged that English Lit/Lang is studied as complementary subjects in your program of study due to the critical evaluation required within the written work.

Through the study of drama, students become empowered with their own voice, both on stage and through the written word. It can provide pupils with the confidence to present and perform, considering how their work is perceived by an audience. These skills can be just as valuable to a lawyer, journalist, PR or marketing executive as they are to the director, actor and scriptwriter. People who have studied drama have successfully found employment in the fields of media, law, business and journalism as well as the theatre itself.

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Dance develops the pupils’ ability to communicate and express themselves through movement. Through dance, pupils develop awareness of the ways their bodies’ move, the space in which they move, the time and quality of their movements and their relationship to each other and objects. They participate in composing, moving and appreciating a range of dance styles.

Dance is on option at KS4. The course is 80% practical and 20% written paper. Pupils are expected to rehearse and perform four dances:

  • a set dance
  • a performance piece
  • solo composition
  • a choreography.

They will need to study professional works for the written paper.

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