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Nottingham Academy

Religious Education


Religious Education and Life Studies play an important part in the curriculum at the Nottingham Academy. The subject is concerned with people, the world and our environment, belief systems (religious and non-religious), relationships, communication, diversity, cultures, morality, why we are here in the first place. It is about life and Religious Education plays a fundamental role in providing our pupils with the knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Our aim, through studying and participating in this subject is to equip our pupils to become rounded and responsible individuals and citizens who can benefit and contribute in a fully positive way to our communities and the wider world in the twenty-first century.

Religious Education and Life Studies, as well as Philosophy, Ethics and Theology (studied at Sixth Form) has traditionally been seen as an academic subject that colleges, universities and employers alike respect and hold in high regard. As it is the study of life, this subject can be suited to all employment opportunities, whether that be in medicine, education, retail, accountancy, or the armed forces, business, media, catering, and law, just to name a few examples.


Extra-Curricular Activities

* Islamic Prayer takes place every lunch time in B103. Prayers are sometimes led by the teachers, but students are encouraged to lead prayers also.

* In the Sixth Form, there is the opportunity each year to experience a ‘Taster Day’ at The University of Nottingham for those who are interested in pursuing further education and especially thinking of studying Philosophy, Ethics and/or Theology, and of course to simply find out what university life is like.

During this day, students take part in seminars and lectures, group discussions and activities, as well as touring the campus itself and having the opportunity to ask current students about studying at university and university life in general. This is hugely beneficial to those studying at A Level in encouraging students to pursue further education and at a top class local university and is a thoroughly enjoyable day.