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Nottingham Academy

Nottingham Academy 'Pride'

Nottingham Academy held its second ‘Pride’ event, holding a series of pride-led fundraisers and celebrations. During July, Nottingham Academy aimed to educate students on subjects surrounding equality, diversity, and LGBTQ+, preparing them for life in modern Britain.

The week-long event included educational lessons presented to all year groups from Year 7 - Year 10. These included topics such as The Pride Movement, LGBTQ Rights, Section 28, LGBTQ Abuse & Bullying and more.

Alongside these lessons, a series of student-led fundraisers were set up, including ice pole sales, badge sales and cake sales. All proceeds going to Stonewall UK, an LGBTQ+ charity.

Rounding off the week, pupils wore brightly coloured clothing and engaged in face painting and other fundraising activities, supporting not only the event but the message of peace, love, and positivity for all regardless of race, religion, colour, creed or sexual orientation.

Nottingham Academy Pride is part of the 'Standing Together Programme', created by Nathaniel McLaughlin, Tamina Ikram and inspired by Mr S Gidda.