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Nottingham Academy

Attendance is on the up! 

Pupils, parents and staff have all worked hard this term to improve attendance, and it's making a huge difference. 

Attendance at the Greenwood Campus continues to be in line with national norms at 95.8% for the year to date and we are delighted to confirm this is  approximately 3% higher than the same period last year. 

Year 7 lead the way with a remarkable 97.4% followed by Year 10 on 96.2%.  All other year groups are at 95% or above (Year 11 when rounded).  Whilst it is fantastic to see this improvement, there is still room to improve this further and we appreciate the support parents are providing to continue to aim for 100% in school, on time every day. 

This level of attendance will have a significantly positive impact on outcomes for our pupils. Nottingham Academy is committed to ensuring that all pupils on its roll are supported to achieve maximum possible attendance. By attending regularly, pupils can fully benefit from the educational and personal development opportunities provided by the Academy.

We are continually striving to improve attendance and to support families when pupils need to be absent. Following your feedback we have developed a process to report pupil absence online.  Please follow the link from the bottom of our home page  where you can complete and submit the form, this process allows parents to easily report an absence, attendance officers may still wish to speak with you at a later time and will call you back. 

Can we take this opportunity to remind parents and carers that Monday 27 November is a Training Day for staff and pupils are not expected to attend the Academy on this day.  We will, however, be running a number of intervention sessions for targeted Year 11 pupils to attend.  A separate letter will be sent to you later in the week if your child is involved in this intervention.

With just 4 weeks left until the Festive Break, we look forward to another 4 weeks of improved attendance.