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Nottingham Academy

Mary's Meals

Non uniform day on 25 June has funded 8 children's meals for a year.  

This term Nottingham Academy pupils have been supporting Mary's Meals, a charity which provides meals in school for some of the world’s poorest communities. This enables those children to have the energy and the opportunity to learn and improve their future prospects, which helps to break the cycle of poverty. Non Uniform Day on Greenwood Campus 1 has raised £105, this is enough to feed 8 children for a whole year.

As well as fundraising pupils and staff have also contributed to Mary's Meals back pack scheme, where a backpack is packed with all the items a pupil would need to go to school, stationary, uniform and note books.

Mr Hammerton who led this activity has been overwhelmed by the level of support, he said "Nottingham Academy pupils have really got behind this initiative, they understand that for many children across the world, food, safe water and free education are not readily available. Our Respect Values teach us all to Respect our Community and pupils have demonstrated this perfectly through their support and understanding of the needs of others".