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Nottingham Academy

New members selected for Pupil Parliament​​​​​​​

A group of pupils have been selected as the new Year 9 members for Pupil Parliament.

The year group was asked to submit letters of application outlining their reasons for wanting to be on the Pupil Parliament.

The current Year 11 Pupil Parliament shortlisted the candidates and interviewed them.

Lead Principal Mr Rae met with the new members and presented a tie to them.

Mr Rae and the new members then discussed what priorities they felt the Pupil Parliament should be focusing on.

Suggestions included:

  • Continuing the work to reduce knife crime in the local community
  • Enhancing the Nottingham Academy rewards scheme to further ensure pupils who are consistently performing well are rewarded
  • Recycling
  • Pupil Assessments
  • Celebrating Nottingham Academy's diverse cohort
  • Developing teacher feedback
  • A covered Bike Shelter as many pupils now have electric bikes / scooter

The new members will now shadow Year 11 Pupil Parliament members for the rest of term.


The Pupil Parliament was set up to develop the ways in which pupils can make a positive contribution to the Academy environment and ethos but also broaden the experiences and wider development of our young people. For more information click here.