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Nottingham Academy


All pupils at the Nottingham Academy have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. The Academy has a comprehensive intake, taking pupils of all abilities.

From year 8 we set our groups by ability. We believe this gives pupils the best experience, working at the pace necessary to give them the highest possible standard of education. It also allows us to challenge and support appropriately.

September 2016 saw the launch of a new innovative curriculum in year 7. Pupils study English, mathematics, modern foreign languages as well as the new cross-curricular subject areas of discover, create and perform. The new subject areas provide pupils with the opportunity to explore subjects in a deeper more coherent way, by grouping similar subjects.  We believe this new approach will help to develop young people who are able to reason, enquire, create, evaluate and who are prepared for the demands of a rapidly changing future. 

Our new Key Stage 3 Curriculum document is available to download below.

In Years 9, 10 and 11, pupils are able to select some of the courses they wish to pursue. They will continue with key subjects from earlier years but will also be able to choose new/optional courses, typically including GCSEs and high quality vocational subjects.

At Post-16 we offer a growing range of A Level and high quality vocational courses. We also offer students the chance to resit GCSE English and mathematics, where appropriate.