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Nottingham Academy

Extra Curricular

Greenwood Campus

Every Monday, the mathematics department runs a lunchtime ‘Maths Clinic’ where pupils can drop in to a session for extra help. Each week we publish the topic that the clinic is running.

To complement the Maths Clinic, pupils can also get extra help from our online mathematics forum, where a mathematics teacher will answer their questions or direct them where to find extra help.

In September, the year 7 base is hosting the 'Maths Fun Road Show'. The road show is a collection of hands on mathematical puzzles, games and activities and pupils will be working collaboratively to solve these problems and stimulate their mathematical curiosity.

We also run a Code club and participate in the UKMT Maths Challenges; also World Maths Day.

After school revision classes take place on Tuesday and Thursdays each week.

For pupils in year 10 and 11, we run in-house booster days as well as days run by external providers. In the past we have taken a selection of pupils to Nottingham Trent University and Loughborough University for Booster days.

In September we are taking sixty pupils to a Grade A booster day, where pupils will be taught in small groups of three on key grade A topics.