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Nottingham Academy

PE in KS3


The PE Department at the Nottingham Academy offers a wide range of sporting activities for all ability levels and interests, ranging from badminton and football to netball and athletics.

Pupils participate in one double lesson per week, where they take part in a different sporting activity called a unit of work. Each unit of work lasts approximately six weeks and culminates in an assessment lesson. Throughout each unit of work pupils have the opportunity to experience and develop a wide range of sports specific skills; improve their physical fitness and health; build confidence and self-esteem; and develop pro social skills such as teamwork and leadership. In addition to normal PE lessons, the department strives to offer as many sporting opportunities for pupils in key stage 3 to be as active as possible at lunch and after school. Indeed, all pupils are encouraged to attend the Basketball Academy after school club - where they have the opportunity to receive coaching from professional basketball coaches. We also compete against other schools in area, regional and even national sporting competitions.

Spring term activities


Invasion Games  Net Games Fitness Aesthetic Sports
Basketball / Football / Netball 

Badminton / Volleyball 

E.g. Circuit Training Dance / Gymnastics 

Summer term activities

Athletics Striking and Fielding

Traditional athletics events e.g. 100m, long jump, shot put 


Assessments this term:

In each unit of work/sporting activity pupils are assessed using a Bronze, Silver and Gold grading against the following criteria:

Throughout the academic year, pupils study six units of work in total. If a pupil achieves Gold in four or more units of work, they are awarded a Platinum grade and receive a certificate for outstanding achievement in PE.

What can you do to support you child in PE?

  • Ensure your child has their full PE kit every week
  • Encourage your child to participate in the extensive extra-curricular sporting clubs on offer 
  • Encourage your child to join a local sports club
  • Try and watch live sport e.g. local football and cricket games at the professional level
  • Encourage your child to research about sport through reading about and watching different sporting activities on TV

Wider reading and useful websites or activities to support learning:

BBC Sport website