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Nottingham Academy

Year 9 inspire Year 11 with Passport to Prom Poem

Ms Wedderburn ran a creative writing competition with Year 9, they were asked to write a poem about the Year 11 Passport to Prom competition after they saw the limo outside the school. The winning poem 'The Prize' was written by Lydia and Myleene. 


The Prize

I know it’s been hard for a while,

To push through the stress and maintain a “smile”,

All these exams and trying to revise,

Feeling like you’re struggling,

You really deserve a prize!


Imagine being lifted by the feeling of surprise

When your limo pulls up and it leaves you mesmerised

There is your car, the driver looking in your eyes

“It’s here for you!” Off to prom - here’s your ride!


Keep on going,

It’s as long as you provide,

All the effort and determination

That will fill you up with pride